History of the resort Yangan-Tau

In 2013, introduced new types of medical services, "Spectro-phototherapy"; "Evaluation of the functional status of the patient before and after treatment"; "Diagnosis and formation orthosis of feet"; "Carboxytherapy."
Started work artistically decorated rare medicinal salt three speleological cabinet.
A large amount of construction, engineering and blagoustroitelnyh:
- The cultural landscape of the resort decorated new sculptures in marble and planted in large numbers conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs;
- In December 30, 2013, inauguration of the new skiing complex "Berkut" with descents of varying difficulty - it was a wonderful gift for guests, employees, and all the inhabitants of the north-east of the country.
In 2014: 
- A large volume of works on reconstruction fund license and individual treatment rooms;
- Extended auto-garage area - commissioned a new garage.
- June 11 open housing hippotherapy (pavilion number 15, a tourist complex), which houses medical offices that allows you to assign horseback riding as a special kind of treatment - therapeutic riding.

June 5, 2014 Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has awarded the winners of Government Quality Award for 2013.There is a resort "Yangan-Tau" as a leading enterprise in Russia among them.

June 11, 2014 in celebration of the Day of Medical Worker in the resort "Yangan-Tau" was opened the new building hippotherapy number 15 based on equestrian sports complex "Yurtak."

The number of people visiting the resort in 2014, amounted more than 32 000 people, exceeding the previous figures (based on 2013 - 30,000 people, and in 2012 - 28 000).

Акбашев Альфред Рашитович.jpg 
                                              Alfred Akbashev

Alfred Akbashev R. Born on January 1, 1959, p. Novogurovka Aurgazinsky district BASSR.
In 1981 he graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute.
1981 - A physician of the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau."
1981-1982 - doctor-intern in internal medicine, hospital №5 (Ufa).
1982- 1984 - A physician of the sanatorium "Zelenaya Rosha" (Ufa).
1984-1992 - Head of department of the sanatorium "Zelenaya Rosha".
1992 - 1994 - Head of department of the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau."
1994 - 1998 - Head of the medical unit of the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau."
1998 - 2013 - Chief Physician Clinics of "Uralsib".
2013 - 2016 - Deputy Director of the medical work of the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau."
Since March 2016, Alfred Rashitovich Akbashev - Director  sanatorium "Yangan-Tau" of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Candidate of Medical Sciences

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